Companies leading Legal Innovation in 2019

The phrase “legal innovation” may sound odd. After all, the law is the law and is as stuffy now as it ever was.

The reality is that the legal field is changing as much as the rest of the world, and the most creative companies are continually addressing the question of how to leverage new technology.

There are plenty of areas to pay attention to when talking about legal innovation: artificial intelligence (AI), client education, and information management to name a few.

The companies listed below are all set to make great strides in these areas and others in the coming year.

1. ONE400

ONE400 is a legal innovation company that provides consulting and marketing for lawyers, attorneys & law firms. Creating new products is lovely, but it amounts to nothing if the people who need it don’t have it and can’t use it. That’s where ONE400 comes in.

They offer services that bridge the gap between legal professionals and clients. Once lawyers have access to technology, the question becomes how to use it successfully, and ONE400 has a knack for helping give law firms everything they need to attract clients and satisfy their needs.

2. LegalMation

This company is on the front lines when it comes to developing new technology. LegalMation uses AI to organize documents and data. This feature isn’t that special by itself; lots of much larger companies offer those services as well.

LegalMation pulls ahead because its AI can draft legal documents for lawyers to review. All of the time and energy spent on necessary but time-consuming and tedious writing can be saved.

With AI doing the work, everyone has more time and saves money.

3. Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP

Unlike the other contenders on this list, this company is an actual law firm. They rank because of their Orrick CaseStream system. This software landed Orrick an award at the Financial Times’s Most Innovative Lawyers Awards in 2018.

CaseStream takes teamwork to a new level because it allows the staff to collaborate on active cases and see at a glance where things stand. Besides helping the lawyers themselves, the clients save money and see faster resolutions to their claims.

4. LexBlog, Inc. 

Lexblog was born from the simple idea that lawyers should write blogs. While that may seem unimportant, lawyers are notoriously bad at connecting with clients in ways that are understandable and useful.

Writing at Lexblog allows lawyers to not only share information but also give those seeking legal advice an excellent place to start their journey, making “legalese” a little more understandable for the rest of us.

5. Resolver, Inc.

The folks at Resolver are not explicitly focused on law. They are a logistics management company, which is a fancy way of saying that they help their client’s process information and make plans.

They earned a spot on this list because their software is being used as a way to track legal proceedings so that the whole process is more transparent.

Branding – Online Marketing

Any business is only as successful as the public perception. Businesses that craft a solid name, specific market niche, and the ability to reach targeted clients reap success in sales and service. Branding a business focuses only on the public image and marketing the product. Every business must be successful in branding itself to reap success in the actual delivery of its product.

Visibility is a key element in branding, but branding extends far beyond making the business visible. The integrity of the company should also be a key component in the branding process. Clients will turn to businesses that produce not only a solid product but also a trustworthy name.

Branding involves several elements. First, a successful branding process will settle on a gripping name and logo that communicates the products and services offered. The name and logo should be simple and distinct. A fancy logo that no one understands simply wastes money. Coming up with a catchy slogan may take hours, but the value of successfully grabbing potential clients’ attention is priceless.

Settling the publicity side of a company brand represents the beginning. A reliable product and solid service commitment must be behind the name, logo, and slogan. Further expansion should include strategic branding across the internet. Domain names for sale exist in great quantities. Using the company’s unique name, any company can access domain names for sale to use in their branding campaign. Failing to use the internet in today’s business climate brands a company as out of date. Finding a site that provides domain names for sale will empower a company to communicate their brand to an audience of potential clients extending around the world.

Once a domain name is purchased, that name will remain in the company’s possession for good. Owning a domain name communicates that the business cares about being accessible and providing immediate service to clients.

Social Media Marketing – Is It Right For Your Business

Social media has had an immense impact on the way that people connect to other countries. There are literally millions of people utilizing their favorite social networks at every minute of the day. All demographics are represented in social media outlets, and many of them have made a substantial amount of capital in developing and advertising on some of the more popular networks. It is a very feasible means to inform people of the prospective business. And it can be promoted in such a broad or narrow sense; a person can essentially expect some pretty good conversions.

Unfortunately, social media marketing may not be for the benefit of each business. While social networks have a wide demographic, they are mostly populated by ages 18-24, and some of the products may not be applicable to that particular age group. While there is a market for essentially everything on these social networks, it is not very likely that people surfing Facebook would be interested in AARP information. This isn’t to say that it wouldn’t particularly work; it just wouldn’t garner the traffic that a person would expect after shelling out big bucks.

For the person who wants to make the most out of their social media marketing efforts, they will need to identify if there is a realistic chance that their business will benefit. There’s another thing to consider. Social media marketing isn’t free, and people are spending significant amounts of money assuring that they will have success.
All in all, social media marketing is an amazing way to get some impressive ROI and has been for quite a while.

Sadly, there are many people who make the mistake of foraying into this world without enough intelligence, and most of these efforts end in a headache. In short, understand the mass composition of social networks before making any decisions.

Small Business Plan Guide & Marketing

Are you considering starting your own small business? If so, you are embarking on a big step, hopefully towards success. You will either be very successful or you will fail. With this small business plan guide, you can learn how to build a business plan that will further your success.

First, you need to have a concrete idea of what your business is and how you will succeed. What is your product or service? Who are you trying to sell to? How much will you sell your product or service for? These are all good questions you must take into consideration. Advertising planning is an important part of every business plans. Don’t forget about it. A business plan is absolutely necessary before you begin any business. Make sure it includes everything you need. You will need a product, you must know your demographic very well, you will need to find a location for your business, you will probably have to set up the legalities of your business, and you will need a solid marketing plan. These will all help you get what you want and need.

Your marketing plan is very important. If you don’t successfully market your product or service, you won’t make any money. Make sure you keep the four P’s in mind: product, placement, promotion, and price. These all come together to successfully market your product if you put enough time and thought into setting them up. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, marketing is still very important.

When you have a good business plan, you can then use it to begin your business. If you need capital for your business, you will need to show the business plan to your possible investors or banks in order to get them to lend you the money you need to start up your business. Start-up costs can be very steep, and unless you have enough in savings, you will need to get help. Throughout the life of your business, you should continuously fine-tune and improve your business plan to make sure it keeps your business strong and successful.